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Civil Liability in Criminal Justice 5th Edition book, pdf, ebook and download by Darrell L. Ross addresses the complications confronting criminal justice practitioners and their companies as a result of the elevated number of civil liability lawsuits. This book introduces the reader to civil liability commonly and the federal regulation specifically, even though indicating actions which will be taken to minimize risks.

As a result of raising civil litigation towards criminal justice companies, students and practitioners will need a working knowledge of criminal regulation plus a company grasp around the civil legislation course of action. Hundreds of instances are referenced all through the textbook.

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By reading this book, you’ll see for yourself to become a decide, a prosecutor, a defense attorney, and much more. Civil Liability in Criminal Justice offers you a realistic awareness of getting in the courthouse so you’ll swiftly acquire an understanding of what it is prefer to operate in and be a portion with the American criminal justice process.

This notion of the courthouse “players” tends to make it easy to understand each person’s essential function in getting a situation via the court method. All through Civil Liability in Criminal Justice book, the authors highlight not merely the pivotal role with the criminal courts but also the court’s significance and influence on modern society like a whole.

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Table Content

1. Overview of Civil Liability

2. Foundations for Liability

3. Civil Liability Under State and Federal Tort Law

4. Civil Liability and Federal Law

5. Defenses to Civil Litigation and Risk Management

6. Administrative and Supervisory Liability

7. Liability for Failure to Train

8. Operating Criminal Justice Agencies Under a Consent Decree

9. Personnel Issues and Liability

10. Use of Force in Law Enforcement and Corrections

11. Section 1983 and Correctional Liability Issues

12. Section 1983 Actions in Law Enforcement

13. Liability and Arrest-Related Deaths

14. Liability and Suicides in Detention

15. Conclusions: Shifting Directions in Civil Litigation

Biography Author (s)

Darrell L. Ross, Ph.D., is Professor and Department Head of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice, and Director of the Center for Applied Social Sciences (CASS) at Valdosta State University, USA. Ross worked for the Michigan Department of Corrections as an officer, cell block supervisor of mentally impaired prisoners, probation officer, and instructor in the training academy, and taught in the Police Academy at Ferris State University as a certified instructor teaching subject control techniques, human factors, mechanics of arrest, and responding to the mentally ill person. He was the Director of the School of Law Enforcement and Justice Administration at Western Illinois University and served on the faculty and as chair of the criminal justice program at East Carolina University. Ross has published five books, more than 95 articles, book chapters, and monographs, and has provided expert witness services since 1987.

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