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Deviant Behavior 12th Edition pdf, ebook and download by Alex Thio and  Schwartz gives detailed coverage of all deviance aspects as combination of style and substance. This book addresses a wide spectrum of social deviance theories and analyzes a lot of certain deviant behaviors. The author uses an abundance of research data, including numerous that debunk our typical assumptions about deviant behavior.

College students are uncovered towards the full array of theories and data about deviance, and so are challenged to think about and assess their very own biases and preconceptions. This book also includes significant new protection of present topics, including: recent developments in anomie-strain theory, stalking, hate-motivated violence, genocide, the September eleven, 2001 attacks, plus the war on terrorism, male rape inside and outside the prison, pedophile priests, the unlawful drug Ecstasy, plus the abuse of prescribed drugs, especially OxyContin.

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Writer of 12th Edition, Alex Thio is Professor of Sociology at Ohio University. Born of Chinese parentage in Penang, Malaysia, he grew up in a multicultural environment. He obtained fluency in Mandarin (modern day regular Chinese), Malay, and Indonesian.

By reading this book, it is possible to realize deviance from the crucial sociological perspectives and theories. Real-world examples of deviance are provided throughout to motivate critical thinking about deviant behavior and its impact.

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Table of Contents

1. What Is Deviant Behavior?

2. Positivist Theories

3. Constructionist Theories

4. Physical Violence

5. S3xual Assault and Child Molestation

6. Family Violence

7. Suicide and Self-Harm

8. Mental Disorder

9. Heterosexual Deviance

10. Gays and Other Targets of Stigma

11. Internet Deviance

12. Drug Use

13. Drinking and Alcoholism

14. Privileged Deviance

15. Underprivileged Deviance

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