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Effective Security Management 7th Edition, pdf, ebook, download by Charles A. Sennewald exhibits the best way to create practicing security specialists careers by perfecting the basics of superior management. Author provides a time-tested mix of frequent sensation, knowledge, and humor to this best-selling introduction to office dynamics with new chapter on the use of statistics as being a security management tool.

Working having a group of sterling contributors endowed with cutting-edge technological experience, the book presents probably the most precisely well balanced image of the security manager’s responsibilities. Its Jackass Management cartoons also wittily illustrate the array of pitfalls new supervisor need to understand to steer clear of as a way to lead effectively.

In brief, this 7th Edition retains all of the strengths which have helped the book endure more time and provides the latest resources to assistance specialist development. It contains full updates to each and every chapter while retaining the excellent business. This book suggested studying to the American Society for Industrial Security’s (ASIS) Licensed Safety Specialist (CPP) examination.

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This book offers the fundamentals of powerful security practices updated to tackle the most recent developments and contemporary challenges inside the field. As opposed to focusing on certain sorts of organizations or narrow elements of security for instance web page security or information protection, this volume teaches ideal practices for creating a strong security routine throughout all aspects of an entity’s internal and exterior processes.

Lastly, the book addresses general security management, personnel management, operational management, public relations and the perils of mismanagement.

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Table of Contents

Section 1: General Security Management 1. General Principles of Organization 2. Organizational Structure 3. Security’s Role in the Organization 4. The Security Director’s Role 5. The Security Supervisor’s Role 6. The Individual Security Employee 7. Ethics and Conflicts of Interest

Section 2: Security Personnel Management 8. Hiring Security Personnel 9. Job Descriptions 10. Training 11. Discipline 12. Motivation and Morale 13. Promotions 14. Communication 15. Career (Proprietary) versus Non-Career (and Contract) Personnel

Section 3: Operational Management 16. Planning and Budgeting 17. Program Management 18. Risk 19. Problem Solving 20. Crisis Management 21. The Security Survey 22. International Security Standards 23. Office Administration 24. Written Policies and Procedures 25. Computers and Effective Security Management 26. Statistics as a Security Management Tool 27. Convergence in Security Management

Section 4: Public Relations 28. Selling Security Within the Organization 29. Relationship with Law Enforcement 30. Relationship with the Industry 31. Community Relations

Section 5: Mismanagement 32. Jackass Management Traits

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780128147948

Publisher: Elsevier Science

Publication date: 01/22/2020

Edition description:7th ed.

Pages: 424

Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

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