Histology A Text and Atlas 8th Edition by Wojciech Pawlina

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Book Description

Histology: A Text and Atlas: With Correlated Cell and Molecular Biology 8th Edition, pdf, ebook and download by Wojciech Pawlina MD FAAA (Author), Michael H. Ross Ph.D. (Author) can be one of the books that undergraduate biology cell biological students are looking for. This book is even a recommended book for medical, dental, and health professions.

Wojciech Pawlina makes it more interesting by combining text, full-color atlas, and other materials in a book. As a result, readers enjoy reading the book from the first page until the last page. The most important thing is that you will understand the points in this book due to the in-depth explanation.

You have to learn cell and molecular biology continuously because there will be always new findings. This cell and molecular biology textbook tries to cover it by exploring the latest findings in cellular and molecular biology.

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The high-resolution illustrations and full-color photomicrographs keep your eyes open and comfortable while reading it. The writer publishes this Histology A Text and Atlas 8th Edition for a variety of readers, including medical, dental, and health practitioners.

It is also a recommended handbook for undergraduate biology and cell biology students. Those who are following integrated or standalone histology courses can also bring this book to support their learning process. Readers who need access to the USMLE exam can also find out through this textbook.

Image of Histology: A Text and Atlas: With Correlated Cell and Molecular Biology 8th Edition, pdf, ebook and download by Wojciech Pawlina MD FAAA (Author), Michael H. Ross PhD
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Book Details

ISBN: 9781975115364, 1975115368

Page count: 1,045

Published: January 25, 2019

Format: Paperback

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

Language: English

Author: Wojciech Pawlina, Michael H. Ross

Table of Content

  1. Methods p1-27
  2. Cell Cytoplasm p28-81
  3. The Cell Nucleus p82-105
  4. Tissues: Concept and Classification p106-115
  5. Epithelial Tissue p116-169
  6. Connective Tissue p170-209
  7. Cartilage p210-231
  8. Bone p232-273
  9. Adipose Tissue p274-289
  10. Blood p290-335
  11. Muscle Tissue p336-379
  12. Nerve Tissue p380-431
  13. Cardiovascular System p432-471
  14. Immune System and Lymphatic Tissues and Organs p472-523
  15. Integumentary System p524-565
  16. Digestive System I: Oral Cavity and Associated Structures p566-607
  17. Digestive System II: Esophagus and Gastrointestinal Tract p608-665
  18. Digestive System III: Liver, Gallbladder, and Pancreas p666-701
  19. Respiratory System p702-739
  20. Urinary System p740-783
  21. Endocrine Organs p784-831
  22. Male Reproductive System p832-875
  23. Female Reproductive System p876-943
  24. Eye p944-981
  25. Ear p982-1007

Where to Buy It

You can buy this book at Amazon, meded.lwwhealthlibrary.com, Wolters Kluwer’s official shopping website, and other reputable online stores.

In pdf format, ebooks can be found and downloaded on the internet. But this can happen if there are people who share free downloads. Such actions can violate the applicable regulations in a book because the book publisher and author are harmed.


You can read Histology A Text and Atlas 8th Edition in the form of eBook and paperback. The full-color images are not only the thing that makes this book worth it to read but also the other elements.

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