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Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care 7th Edition by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks PDF Download

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Book Description

Injury and disease are not something uncommon that happens to children. The careless children’s behaviors mixed with parents’ irresponsibility often results in an undesirable outcome. Sometimes, it is also genetic that plays its role. For this, pediatricians and nurses need to have in-depth knowledge to treat children’s injuries, and the book Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care 7th Edition, pdf, ebook, epub, and free download is definitely the one that you must own.

This book covers a wide range of health problems with an empirical-based approach and extensive explanation. It contains guidelines about how to assess diseases, manage them, and avoid complications. Furthermore, the book does not only focus on treating the problems that already occurred but also on preventing it from happening.

Updated from the 6th edition, Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care 7th Edition covers essential subjects such as the health condition of the children, cultural factors, problems in day-to-day life, and developmental theory. Resources for children’s families are also discussed, and so are nurses’ perspectives to give more credible information.

This book uses the most advanced scientific findings and provides both national and international guidelines. It will also guide you through a difficult time that demands urgent treatment and referral for other problems. Furthermore, Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care Seventh Edition uses algorithms so that readers can learn in a more effective and efficient way.

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Written by credible pediatric nurses such as Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks et al., the book Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care 7e can be divided into 4 units. Each unit consists of several sections. The first unit is basically an introduction part that covers topics such as world-wide children’ health situations and cultural factors. The second unit talks about children’s development, and the third unit is about health management. Moreover, the last unit is about disease treatment guidance. Compared to the previous edition, there are some new topics included, such as child health and genetics, environmental factors for certain children, newborn developmental management, injuries, and prenatal developmental problems.

With all the features offered, this book should be your first priority to buy, especially if you want to be a better nurse or pediatrician. Published by a top leading journal company, Elsevier, this book is available in different formats. The 1088-page paperback book can be bought for $125.79 on Elsevier, $114.77 on Cheapesttextbooks, and $116.99 on Vitalsource. On Amazon, you can get a cheaper price at $104.29, but again, the prices are varied depending on the book condition or special discount. Secondhand books are also available at price of around $83 while renting usually starts from $38. The E-book will cost from $43 to $ US$116.99.

Table of Contents

Unit I: Influences on Child Health and Child Health Assessment 1. Health Status of Children: Global and National Perspectives 2. Unique Issues in Pediatrics 3. Genetics and Child Health 4. Environmental Issues 5. Child and Family Health Assessment 6. Cultural Considerations for Pediatric Primary Care 7. Children with Special Health Care Needs

Unit II: Child Development 8. Developmental Management in Pediatric Primary Care 9. Developmental Management of Newborns 10. Developmental Management of Infants 11. Developmental Management of Early Childhood 12. Developmental Management of Middle Childhood 13. Developmental Management of Adolescents/Young Adults

Unit III: Child Health Supervision: Health Promotion and Health Protection 14. Introduction to Health Promotion and Health Protection for Children and Families Section A. Behavioral-Mental Health Wellness 15. Behavioral and Mental Health Promotion Section B. Biophysical Health Management 16. Breastfeeding 17. Nutrition 18. Elimination 19. Physical Activity and Sports 20. Sleep 21. Sexuality Section C. Health Protection–Focused Care 22. Immunizations 23. Dental Health and Oral Disorders 24. Intentional and Unintentional Injuries: Injury Prevention and Child Maltreatment

Unit IV: Common Childhood Conditions and Disorders  Section A. Introduction to Child Disease Management 25. Acute/Chronic Disease Management and Principles of Diagnostic Testing 26. Prescribing Medications in Pediatrics 27. Complementary and Integrative Health in Pediatrics 28. Pediatric Pain and Fever Management Section B. Disease Management 29. Perinatal Disorders 30. Mental Health Disorders 31. Infectious Diseases 32. Common Genetic Disorders 33. Atopic, Rheumatic, and Immunodeficiency Disorders 34. Dermatologic Disorders 35. Eye and Vision Disorders 36. Ear and Hearing Disorders 37. Respiratory Disorders 38. Cardiovascular Disorders 39. Hematologic Disorders 40. Gastrointestinal Disorders 41. Genitourinary Disorders 42. Gynecologic Disorders 43. Musculoskeletal Disorders 44. Injuries and Toxic Exposures 45. Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders 46. Neurologic Disorders


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About of Author

The author of this book Named Dr. Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks. He has written several books for college needs.

Dawn is nationally known as a nurse leader and expert in child health and pediatric mental health.

According to the source of one of the websites we found wrote that the author of this book there are several people. And here’s the full name:

  • Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks, PhD, CPNP-PC, PMHS, FAANP, FAAN,
  • Nancy Barber Starr, MS, APRN, BC (PNP), CPNP-PC,
  • Margaret A. Brady, PhD, RN, CPNP-PC,
  • Nan M. Gaylord, PhD, RN, CPNP-PC, PMHS, FAANP, FAAN,
  • Martha Driessnack, PhD, PNP-BC
  • Karen Duderstadt, PhD, RN, CPNP, FAAN.

Where to Buy Books

There are already many bookseller websites that sell it. You can shop online on Amazon and Vitalsource. Both of these companies provide applications that can be accessed via the web, android, and IOS.

If you have a subscription bookstore, please shop there. We don’t force you to shop on Amazon and Vitalsource. To get the best price, you have to do a comparison of several bookstores.

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A free PDF download for Burns’ Pediatric Primary Care 7th Edition by Dawn Lee Garzon Maaks is less available. You can search the internet. Many internet users upload it in PDF and EPUB formats.

However, you should understand that free books are not safe from viruses. Many viruses are inserted and can harm computer/laptop devices. There are already many people who have become victims.

We do not prohibit you from downloading this book for free. It’s just that, you must have a good level of computer security from virus attacks.


Just buy the version that suits you. Do not hesitate because this book is your best friend for studying pediatrics. There are already many students who have benefited after reading this book.

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