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Business Law Today: The Essentials By Roger LeRoy Miller PDF Download is a book that talks a lot about the world of law today. The contents are complete and have become reading material for students and lecturers in schools. In various scientific forums, this book is also used as a reference.

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Product Details:

Business Law Today: The Essentials By: Roger LeRoy Miller

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Print ISBN: 9780357037966, 0357037960Print ISBN: 9780357037966, 0357037960

eText ISBN: 9780357037966, 0357037960eText ISBN: 9780357037966, 0357037960

Edition: 12th

Copyright year: 2020

Format: Fixed

Table Contents

Chapter 1: Legal and Constitutional Foundations of Business

Sources of American Law

The Common Law

Classifications of Law

The Constitutional Powers of Government

Classic Case 1.1: Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States (1964)

Business and the Bill of Rights

Beyond Our Borders: The Impact of Foreign Law on the United States Supreme Court

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Does Everyone Have a Constitutional Right to Use Social

Case 1.2: Animal Legal Defense Fund v. Wasden (2018)

Ethical Issue: Can a high school suspend teenagers from extracurricular activities because they post

Spotlight on Beer Labels: Case 1.3: Bad Frog Brewery, Inc. v. New York State Liquor Authority (1998)

Business Law Analysis: Determining When Public Religious ­Displays Violate the Establishment Clause

Due Process, Equal Protection, and Privacy

Appendix to Chapter 1: Finding and Analyzing the Law

Chapter 2: Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Business Web Log: Samsung and Forced Arbitration

The Judiciary’s Role in American Government

Landmark in the Law: Marbury v. Madison (1803)

Basic Judicial Requirements

Spotlight on Gucci: Case 2.1: Gucci America, Inc. v. Wang Huoqing (2011)

The State and Federal Court Systems

Case 2.2: Johnson v. Oxy USA, Inc. (2016)

Ethical Issue: Should Supreme Court justices follow the Code of Conduct for United States Judges?

Following a State Court Case

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Using Social Media for Service of Process

Case 2.3: Klipsch Group, Inc. v. ePRO E-Commerce Limited (2018)

Courts Online

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Chapter 3: Ethics in Business

Ethics and the Role of Business

Business Web Log: Bogus Bank and Credit Card Accounts at Wells Fargo Bank

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Should Employees Have a “Right of Disconnecting”?

Case 3.1: Al-Dabagh v. Case Western Reserve University (2015)

Ethical Principles and Philosophies

Sources of Ethical Issues in Business Decisions

Case 3.2: Watson Laboratories, Inc. v. State of Mississippi (2018)

Making Ethical Business Decisions

Business Law Analysis: Applying the IDDR Framework

Business Ethics on a Global Level

Appendix to Chapter 3: Costco Code of Ethics

Chapter 4: Tort Law

The Basis of Tort Law

Intentional Torts against Persons

Business Law Analysis: Analyzing Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress Claims

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Revenge Porn and Invasion of Privacy

Intentional Torts against Property


Case 4.1: Bogenberger v. Pi Kappa Alpha Corporation, Inc. (2018)

Landmark in the Law: Palsgraf v. Long Island Railroad Co. (1928)

Spotlight on the Seattle Mariners: Case 4.2: Taylor v. Baseball Club of Seattle, L.P. (2006)

Strict Liability

Product Liability

Business Web Log: Johnson & Johnson Faces Continuing ­Lawsuits over Its Talcum Powder

Ethical Issue: Can a Taser be considered unreasonably dangerous as designed?

Case 4.3: Stange v. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (2018)

Chapter 5: Intellectual Property Rights


Classic Case 5.1: Coca-Cola Co. v. Koke Co. of America (1920)

Ethical Issue: Should the law allow offensive trademark names?

Beyond Our Borders: Aleve versus Flanax—Same Pain Killer, But in Different Countries

Case 5.2: LFP IP, LLC v. Hustler Cincinnati, Inc. (2016)

Business Web Log: Amazon Faces Fake Products



Business Law Analysis: Licensing Is a Defense to Copyright Infringement

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Beyoncé, Sampling, and a $20 Million Lawsuit

Case 5.3: Oracle USA, Inc. v. Rimini Street, Inc. (2018)

Trade Secrets

International Protections

Chapter 6: Internet Law, Social Media, and Privacy

Internet Law

Spotlight on Internet Porn: Case 6.1: Hasbro, Inc. v. Internet Entertainment Group, Ltd. (1996)

Copyrights in Digital Information

Landmark in the Law: The Digital Millennium Copyright Act

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Riot Games, Inc., Protects Its Online Video Game Copyri

Case 6.2: BMG Rights Management (US), LLC v. Cox Communications, Inc. (2018)

Social Media

Online Defamation

Business Law Analysis: Immunity of ISPs under the Communications Decency Act

Case 6.3: David v. Textor (2016)


Beyond Our Borders: “The Right to Be Forgotten” in the European Union

Ethical Issue: Should smart-TV manufacturers collect consumer-use data?

Chapter 7: Criminal Law and Cyber Crime

Civil Law and Criminal Law

Criminal Liability

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Using Twitter to Cause Seizures—A Crime?

Case 7.1: United States v. Crabtree (2018)

Types of Crimes

Business Law Analysis: Proof of Credit-Card Theft

Spotlight on White-Collar Crime: Case 7.2: People v. Sisuphan (2010)

Case 7.3: United States v. Warner (2016)

Defenses to Criminal Liability

Constitutional Safeguards and Criminal Procedures

Ethical Issue: Should police be able to force you to unlock your mobile phone?

Landmark in the Law: Miranda v. Arizona (1966)

Chapter 8: Agreement and Consideration in Contracts

An Overview of Contract Law

Case 8.1: Boswell v. Panera Bread Co. (2018)


Business Law Analysis: Offers of a Reward

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Can Your E-Mails Create a Valid Contract?


Landmark in the Law: Hamer v. Sidway (1891)

Case 8.2: USS–POSCO Industries v. Case (2016)


Case 8.3: Bailey v. Kentucky Lottery Corp. (2018)

Ethical Issue: How enforceable are click-on agreements to donate funds to a charity?

Chapter 9: Capacity, Legality, and Enforceability

Contractual Capacity


Business Law Analysis: Determining If a Contract with an Unlicensed Party Is Enforceable

Case 9.1: Woischke v. Stursberg & Fine, Inc. (2018)

Ethical Issue: Are expansive noncompete agreements reducing worker mobility?

Voluntary Consent

Ethical Issue: Should a surviving member of Lynyrd Skynyrd abide by a thirty-year-old consent decree

Case 9.2: McCullough v. Allstate Property and Casualty Insurance Co. (2018)

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: “Catfishing”: Is That Online “Friend” for Real?

The Writing Requirement

Case 9.3: Sloop v. Kiker (2016)

Beyond Our Borders: The Statute of Frauds and International Sales Contracts

Chapter 10: Contract Performance, Breach, and Remedies

Third Party Rights

Case 10.1: Mirandette v. Nelnet, Inc. (2018)

Performance and Discharge

Business Law Analysis: Determining When a Breach Is Material

Case 10.2: Hampton Road Bankshares, Inc. v. Harvard (2016)


Beyond Our Borders: Impossibility or Impracticability of Performance in Germany

Spotlight on Liquidated Damages: Case 10.3: Kent State University v. Ford (2015)

Ethical Issue: Can contracts for mixed martial arts fighters limit a fighter’s right to stop fight

Equitable Remedies

Recovery Based on Quasi Contract

Chapter 11: Sales and Lease Contracts

Landmark in the Law: The Uniform Commercial Code

The Scope of Articles 2 and 2A

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Taxing Web Purchases

The Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts

Case 11.1: Toll Processing Services, LLC v. Kastalon, Inc. (2018)

Business Law Analysis: Additional Terms between Merchants

Classic Case 11.2: Jones v. Star Credit Corp. (1969)

Title and Risk of Loss

Case 11.3: BMW Group, LLC v. Castle Oil Corp. (2016)

Contracts for the International Sale of Goods

Appendix to Chapter 11: An Example of a Contract for the International Sale of Coffee

Chapter 12: Performance and Breach of Sales and Lease Contracts

Performance Obligations

Case 12.1: All the Way Towing, LLC v. Bucks County International, Inc. (2018)

Remedies for Breach

Beyond Our Borders: The CISG’s Approach to Revocation of Acceptance

Spotlight on Baseball Cards: Case 12.2: Fitl v. Strek (2005)


Classic Case 12.3: Webster v. Blue Ship Tea Room, Inc. (1964)

Business LawAnalysis: Implied Warranties

Chapter 13: Negotiable Instruments

Formation of Negotiable Instruments

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Pay with Your Smartphone

Case 13.1: OneWest Bank, FSB v. Nunez (2016)

Business Law Analysis: Deciding If an Instrument Is Negotiable

Case 13.2: Charles R. Tips Family Trust v. PB Commercial, LLC (2015)

Transfer of Instruments

Beyond Our Borders: Severe Restrictions on Check Indorsements in France

Holder in Due Course (HDC)

Case 13.3: Jarrell v. Conerly (2018)

Signature and Warranty Liability

Defenses, Limitations, and Discharge

Landmark in the Law: Federal Trade Commission Rule 433

Chapter 14: Banking in the Digital Age

Checks and the Bank-Customer Relationship

The Bank’s Duty to Honor Checks

Case 14.1: Legg v. West Bank (2016)

Case 14.2: Horton v. JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (2018)

The Bank’s Duty to Accept Deposits

Case 14.3: Shahin v. Delaware Federal Credit Union (2015)

Landmark in the Law: Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21)

Electronic Fund Transfers

Online Banking and E-Money

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Electronic Payment Systems and the Use of Checks

Chapter 15: Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy

Laws Assisting Creditors

Spotlight on Wedding Rings: Case 15.1: Royal Jewelers, Inc. v. Light (2015)

Case 15.2: SunTrust Bank v. Monroe (2018)

Ethical Issue: How long should a secured party have to seek a ­deficiency judgment?

The Bankruptcy Code

Business Web Log: Online Retail Competition Causes Yet Another Brick-and-Mortar Retailer to File for

Landmark in the Law: The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act

Chapter 7—Liquidation

Business Law Analysis: Violations of the Automatic Stay

Chapter 11—Reorganization

Bankruptcy Relief under Chapter 13 and Chapter 12

Case 15.3: In re Chamberlain (2018)

Chapter 16: Agency Relationships in Business

Agency Law

Ethical Issue: Is it fair to classify Uber and Lyft drivers as independent ­contractors?

Formation of an Agency

Case 16.1: Reidel v. Akron General Health System (2018)

Duties of Agents and Principals

Spotlight on Taser International: Case 16.2: Taser International, Inc. v. Ward (2010)

Agent’s Authority

Liability in Agency Relationships

Business Law Analysis: Liability of Disclosed Principals

Landmark in the Law: The Doctrine of Respondeat Superior

Beyond Our Borders: Islamic Law and Respondeat Superior

Case 16.3: M.J. v. Wisan (2016)

Termination of an Agency

Chapter 17: Employment Law

Employment at Will

Case 17.1: Caterpillar, Inc. v. Sudlow (2016)

Wages, Hours, and Leave

Ethical Issue: Are employees entitled to receive wages for all the time they spend at work, includin

Health, Safety, and Income Security

Immigration Law

Employment Discrimination

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Hiring Discrimination Based on Social Media Posts

Case 17.2: Bauer v. Lynch (2016)

Business Law Analysis: Retaliation Claims

Case 17.3: Franchina v. City of Providence (2018)

Beyond Our Borders: Sexual Harassment in Other Nations

Chapter 18: The Entrepreneur’s Options

Sole Proprietorships

Case 18.1: A. Gadley Enterprises, Inc. v. Department of Labor and Industry Office of Unemployment Co

Ethical Issue: Can the religious beliefs of a small business owner justify the business refusing to

General Partnerships

Case 18.2: Harun v. Rashid (2018)

Beyond Our Borders: Doing Business with Foreign Partners

Other Types of Partnerships

Limited Liability Companies

Case 18.3: Schaefer v. Orth (2018)

Business Law Analysis: When Will a Court Order the Dissolution of an LLC?


Chapter 19: Corporations

Nature and Classification

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Programs That Predict Employee Misconduct

Case 19.1: Drake Manufacturing Co. v. Polyflow, Inc. (2015)

Case 19.2: Greenfield v. Mandalay Shores Community Association (2018)

Formation and Powers

Beyond Our Borders: Does Cloud Computing Have a Nationality?

Business Law Analysis: Piercing the Corporate Veil

Directors and Officers

Classic Case 19.3: Guth v. Loft, Inc. (1939)


Major Business Forms Compared

Chapter 20: Investor Protection, Insider Trading, and Corporate Governance

Securities Act of 1933

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Investment Crowdfunding—Regulations and Restrictions

Landmark in the Law: Changes to Regulation A: “Reg A+”

Case 20.1: Omnicare, Inc. v. Laborers District Council Construction Industry Pension Fund (2015)

Securities Exchange Act of 1934

Classic Case 20.2: Securities and Exchange Commission v. Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. (1968)

Case 20.3: Singer v. Reali (2018)

State Securities Laws

Corporate Governance

Beyond Our Borders: Corporate Governance in Other Nations

Chapter 21: Antitrust Law and Promoting Competition

The Sherman Antitrust Act

Business Web Log: Facebook and Google in a World of Antitrust Law

Landmark in the Law: The Sherman Antitrust Act

Section 1 of the Sherman Act

Section 2 of the Sherman Act

Case 21.1: McWane, Inc. v. Federal Trade Commission (2015)

The Clayton Act

Case 21.2: Candelore v. Tinder, Inc. (2018)

Enforcement and Exemptions

Case 21.3: TransWeb, LLC v. 3M Innovative Properties Co. (2016)

U.S. Antitrust Laws in the Global Context

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: The European Union Issues Record Fine against Google in

Chapter 22: Consumer Law

Advertising, Marketing, Sales, and Labeling

Case 22.1: POM Wonderful, LLC v. Federal Trade Commission (2015)

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: Regulating “Native” Ads on the Internet

Case 22.2: Haywood v. Massage Envy Franchising, LLC (2018)

Protection of Health and Safety

Credit Protection

Case 22.3: Santangelo v. Comcast Corp. (2016)

Ethical Issue: Can a company that provides background checks ­willfully violate the Fair Credit Rep

Chapter 23: Personal Property, Bailments, and Insurance

Personal Property versus Real Property

Acquiring Ownership of Personal Property

Adapting the Law to the Online Environment: The Exploding World of Digital Property

Ethical Issue: Who owns the engagement ring?

Business Law Analysis: Effective Gift of a Brokerage Account

Classic Case 23.1: In re Estate of Piper (1984)

Mislaid, Lost, and Abandoned Property

Case 23.2: State of Washington v. Preston (2018)


Case 23.3: Zissu v. IH2 Property Illinois, L.P. (2016)


Chapter 24:Real Property and Environmental Law

The Nature of Real Property

Ownership Interests and Leases

Case 24.1: In the Matter of the Estate of Nelson (2018)

Transfer of Ownership

Spotlight on Sales of Haunted Houses: Case 24.2: Stambovsky v. Ackley (1991)

Business Law Analysis: When Possession of Property Is Not “Adverse”

Case 24.3: Montgomery County v. Bhatt (2016)

Ethical Issue: Should eminent domain be used to promote private ­development?

Landlord-Tenant Relationships

Protecting the Environment

Beyond Our Borders: Can a River Be a Legal Person?

Chapter 25: International and Space Law

International Law

Beyond Our Borders: Border Searches of Your Electronic Devices

Case 25.1: Rubin v. Islamic Republic of Iran (2018)

Business Law Analysis: Sovereign Immunity Claims

Doing Business Internationally

Ethical Issue: Is it ethical (and legal) to brew “imported” beer brands domestically?

Regulation of Specific Business Activities

Case 25.2: Changzhou Trina Solar Energy Co., Ltd. v. International Trade Commission (2018)

U.S. Laws in a Global Context

Spotlight on International Torts: Case 25.3: Daimler AG v. Bauman (2014)

Space Law


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B Answers to the Issue Spotters

C Sample Answers for Business Case Problems with Sample Answer


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