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Crime and Everyday Life 6th Edition, pdf, ebook, download by Marcus Felson provides detailed discussion on criminal conduct, explaining how crime can contact us all in both modest and substantial techniques. This book exhibits how chance can be a crucial condition for crime while discovering realistic approaches to cut down or remove crime and criminal behavior by removing the opportunity to full the act.

Encouraging students to acquire a nearer check out the accurate nature of crime and its effects on their lives, Authors retain the book’s engaging, readable, and instructive design, whilst incorporating the most existing research on criminal behavior and program exercise concept. The authors emphasize that routine each day actions set the phase for illegal acts, thus difficult conventional wisdom and providing students a contemporary perspective, novel remedies for minimizing crime and renewed hope.

This book also consists of new coverage of gangs, bar troubles, and barhopping; new debate of the dynamic crime triangle; and expanded protection of technologies, Internet fraud, identification theft, as well as other Internet pitfalls. The now-famous “fallacies about crime” are reduced to nine and therefore are organized and explained even more clearly than in past editions.

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Finally, the book provides up to date study on crime too as new examples of practical application of concept, using the most current crime and victimization stats throughout. Problem-Oriented Policing Center recommendations and citations are presented, which includes Closing Streets and Alleys to Decrease Crime in the end of each chapter.

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Table Content

Preface to the Sixth Edition


About the Authors

1 Eight Fallacies About Crime

The Dramatic Fallacy

The Cops-and-Courts Fallacy

Police Work

Courts and Punishment

The Not-Me Fallacy

The Innocent-Youth Fallacy

The Ingenuity Fallacy

The Formally Organized Crime Fallacy

The Big Gang Fallacy

The Agenda Fallacy

Moral Agendas

Religious Agendas

Social and Political Agendas

Welfare-State Agendas


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By: Marcus Felson; Mary A. Eckert

Publisher: SAGE Publications, Inc

Print ISBN: 9781506394787, 1506394787Print ISBN: 9781506394787, 1506394787

eText ISBN: 9781506394800, 1506394809eText ISBN: 9781506394800, 1506394809

Edition: 6th

Copyright year: 2019

Format: Reflowable

SKU: 9781506394800R90

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