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Crime Prevention Approaches, Practices and Evaluations 10th Edition, pdf, ebook and download by Steven P. Lab introduces various types of crime prevention strategies and their objectives, which includes people which might be created to stop circumstances that foster deviance, people directed towards persons or conditions with a substantial possible for deviance, and these for persons who’ve currently committed crimes.

This book delivers investigation and details on all aspects of crime prevention, which includes the bodily atmosphere and crime, community crime prevention, the mass press and crime prevention, crime displacement and diffusion, prediction, community policing, medicines, schools, and electronic monitoring and house confinement.

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Author delivers key terms and learning goals supplement every chapter. A glossary defines phrases in the text. Steven P. Lab is Professor and Director with the Criminal Justice System and Chair from the Division of Human Companies at Bowling Green State College. His study pursuits consist of victims of crime, crime prevention, juvenile delinquency, and school crime.

Writer focuses on current crime troubles and provided techniques and solutions to legislation enforcement. The descriptions around the challenging and soft sciences contained a greater level of thinking and can challenge college students to consider outside the box.

This book addresses policing, prosecution and courts, and legislative strategies of crime control. In addition, Crime Prevention Approaches, Practices and Evaluations Tenth Edition moves past the justice system and examines the effectiveness of crime control at the personal, family members, college, and community. Finally, it addresses environmental criminology, juvenile crime control, and explanations of large-scale crime tendencies.

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Table of Content


Chapter 1. Crime and the Fear of Crime

Chapter 2. Crime Prevention

Chapter 3. Evaluation and Crime Prevention

PART 1 – Primary Prevention

Chapter 4. The Physical Environment and Crime Prevention

Chapter 5. Neighborhood Crime Prevention

Chapter 6. The Mass Media and Crime Prevention

Chapter 7. Developmental Crime Prevention

Chapter 8. General Deterrence

PART 2 – Secondary Prevention

Chapter 9. Prediction for Secondary Prevention

Chapter 10. Situational Crime Prevention

Chapter 11. Displacement and Diffusion

Chapter 12. Partnerships for Crime Prevention

Chapter 13. Substance Use, Crime, and Crime Prevention

Chapter 14. The School and Crime Prevention

PART 3 – Tertiary Prevention

Chapter 15. Specific Deterrence and Incapacitation

Chapter 16. Rehabilitation

Chapter 17. Some Closing Thoughts on Crime Prevention and the Future


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Full Title: Crime Prevention: Approaches, Practices, and Evaluations

Edition: 10th edition

ISBN-13: 978-0429751950


Publisher: Routledge (7/24/2019)

Copyright: 2020

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