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CyberLaw Text and Cases 3rd Edition, PDF eBook Download

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CyberLaw Text and Cases 3rd Edition, pdf and ebook download by Gerald R. Ferrera discusses complete company lifecycle from concept to operation to dissolution when examining the legal, managerial, and ethical problems affecting technology at each and every phase. Excerpted cases thoroughly explain the law in each and every chapter. It helps visitors realize the real-world legal implications of running a technologies corporation these days.

This book explores the legal doctrines and principles that use towards the operation and improvement of personal computer technology plus the Internet. It discusses the rapid legislative and judicial responses, demanded through the development with the new technologies, to resolve legal challenges with the emerging technology, covering: jurisdiction, constitutional issues, e-business, house rights, and cybercrime.

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CyberLaw Text and Cases discusses the fast legislative and judicial responses, demanded from the proliferation with the new technologies, to resolve legal complications with the rising technology, covering jurisdiction, constitutional issues, E-business, home rights, cybercrime with three distinct sections: agreement formation, financing, and tax issues.

This text goes beyond plugging Internet-related cases right into a sequence of pre-existing doctrinal types, Amendment, copyright, trademark, and instead emphasizes the conceptual debates that lower throughout the areas of doctrine touched by cyberspace.

Additionally, this edition utilizes the rise of the Internet to motivate readers to reconsider different assumptions in standard legal doctrine. This dual concentrate delivers readers with broad-based and refined training in Internet-related legal problems when also producing the argument that cyberlaw is usually a coherent and beneficial industry of study.

The Third Edition retains the features which have created the book so prosperous in law colleges throughout the nation. It can be compact, serves a number of training course formats, builds new cases on best of a basis of non world-wide-web legal doctrine, and fosters lively and provocative class discussions.

Every chapter includes chapter overview, assessment, essential terms and relevant crucial cases. Cyberlaw is superb dietary supplement to Introductory Law, Legal Analysis, Constitutional Law, Intellectual House, and Business enterprise Legislation programs. For people interested in an introduction to constitutional and enterprise regulation, at the same time as intellectual property, it’s recommended to study this CyberLaw Text and Cases book.

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Product Details

Full Title: CyberLaw: Text and Cases

Edition:3rd edition



Publisher:CENGAGE Learning (1/1/2011)


Dimensions:8.2 x 10.2 x 1 inches


Table of Content

1: Business Formation, Business Models and Business Cycles.

Chapter 1: Introduction to CyberLaw: Text and Cases.

Chapter 2: Innovations and Inventions: The Ideas and Implementations of Technology Core to Developing Business Models as a Means to Create Value.

Chapter 3: Business Governance and Management: Formation, Financing and Exit Strategies. 

2: Intellectual Property: Business Assets in the Information Age.

Chapter 4: Trademarks.

Chapter 5: Copyright.

Chapter 6: Patents.

Chapter 7: Trade Secrets. 

3: Transactional Law: Creating Wealth and Managing Risk.

Chapter 8: Dispute Resolution: Jurisdiction, Litigation, and ADR.

Chapter 9: Contracts for the Internet and Tech Sectors.

Chapter 10: The Employment Relationship in the Internet and Tech Sectors. 

4: Regulatory, Compliance and Liability Issues.

Chapter 11: Government Regulation.

Chapter 12: Privacy.

Chapter 13: Security and Computer Crime.

Chapter 14: International CyberLaw.

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