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Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach 8th Edition by Leiyu Shi PDF and Download

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Book Description

A new innovation in the world of health provides a lot of elaboration on many things about how to maintain health. The book entitled Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach 8th Edition, pdf, ebook, epub, kindle, and free download is a testament to a new breakthrough created by medical experts in designing a business that is very useful for the advancement of the medical world. In this edition, the author provides more accurate and up-to-date explanations about the structure that is the basis of the development of the medical world. Starting from the origin, service, and cost to individual quality.

Containing a wide and extraordinary variety of information, this book is very easy for anyone from all walks of life to understand and provides clarification on the complexities regarding the organization of health and financial nursing. In addition, there are also images that contain various components. In this edition, the author also provides the latest innovations that are very relevant to be applied by the content community. Various aspects of the new data have been updated. In writing tables, charts, numbers, and text the author uses components that correspond to the latest published data.

The latest things that have emerged from the U.S. healthcare system are accountable systems. There was also a presentation of legislation containing affordable legislation which contained the effects of insurance, access and costs.

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The book, entitled Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach Eight Edition, was written by an expert in the field of policy and management in health, Professor Leiyu Shi along with his colleague Dr Singh. Professor Leiyu Shi is an expert in the medical field who graduated from the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of health policy and Management.

The book Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach Eight Edition has 700 pages with publishers Jones & Bartlett Learning; 8th edition on August 18, 2021. This book is included in the class of medical books because it contains a lot of discussions about health. For anyone interested in owning this book, can buy it on the Amazon website for around $89.29.

For medical personnel or anyone who is interested in knowing more about various aspects of the world of health, it is highly recommended to have the book Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach Eight Edition as a reference to add references in understanding various aspects in the world of health.

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Table of Contents


Title Page

Copyright Page



List of Exhibits

List of Figures

List of Tables

List of Abbreviations/Acronyms

Chapter 1 An Overview of U.S. Health Care Delivery


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An Overview of the Scope and Size of the System

Major Characteristics of the U.S. Health Care System

Trends and Directions

Significance for Health Care Practitioners

Significance for Health Care Managers

Health Care Systems of Other Countries

The Systems Framework


Test Your Understanding


Chapter 2 Beliefs, Values, and Health


Significance for Managers and Policymakers

Basic Concepts of Health

Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Public Health

Determinants of Health

Measures Related to Health

Anthro-Cultural Beliefs and Values

Healthy People Initiatives


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Test Your Understanding


Chapter 3 The Evolution of Health Services in the United States


Medical Services in the Preindustrial Era

Medical Services in the Postindustrial Era

Medical Care in the Corporate Era

Globalization of Health Care

The Era of Health Care Reform


Test Your Understanding


Chapter 4 Health Services Professionals





Other Doctoral-Level Health Professionals


Nonphysician Providers

Allied Health Professionals

Health Services Administrators

Evolving Trends in the Health Care Workforce


Test Your Understanding


Chapter 5 Medical Technology


What Is Medical Technology%?

Information Technology and Informatics

E-Health, M-Health, E-Therapy, and E-Visits

Telemedicine, Telehealth, and Remote Monitoring

Innovation, Diffusion, and Utilization of Medical Technology

The Government’s Role in Technology Diffusion

The Impact of Medical Technology

The Assessment of Medical Technology


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Test Your Understanding


Chapter 6 Health Services Financing


The Role and Scope of Health Services Financing

Financing and Cost Control

The Insurance Function

Private Health Insurance

Trends in Employment-Based Health Insurance

Public Health Insurance

The Payment Function

National Health Expenditures

COVID-19 and Health Care Financing


Not all of us say about the table of contents of this book. We attach a Part of it. If you want to see the whole thing, please visit the Vitalsource page.

About of Author

Many websites publish about the profile of the author of this book. We found information about the author from the Barnes & Noble page. Here’s a quick look at the author’s profile.

Dr. Leiyu Shi is Professor of health policy and management from JohnsHopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health Department of HealthPolicy and Management.

Dr. Singh teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in health care delivery, policy, finance, and management in the School of Business and Economics and in the Department of Political Science at Indiana University-South Bend.

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Product Details

  • Publisher : Jones & Bartlett Learning; 8th edition (August 18, 2021)
  • Language : English
  • Paperback : 700 pages
  • ISBN-10 : 1284224619
  • ISBN-13 : 978-1284224610
  • Reading age : 1 year and up
  • Item Weight : 94 pounds
  • Dimensions : 75 x 1 x 8.75 inches

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