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Digital Evidence and Computer Crime 3rd Edition: Forensic Science, Computers, and the Internet, by Eoghan pdf, ebook and download Casey supplies the information essential to uncover and use digital evidence effectively in any type of investigation. The book introduced hundreds of students to this area and helped them take care of digital evidence.

This Third Edition gives the introductory supplies that new students require, and likewise expands on the fabric presented in previous editions to assist college students develop these skills. It teaches how computer networks operate, how they are often concerned in crimes, and the way they can be used as a source of evidence.

The work is split into five sections masking digital forensic, digital investigations, apprehending offenders, computers and network forensics, and chapters provide practical instruction, case studies and discussions of the theoretical basis for all elements of digital investigation and the use of computer evidence in forensics and law enforcement.

Moreover, this book includes up to date chapters dedicated to networked Windows, Unix, and Macintosh computers, and Private Digital Assistants. Ancillary materials embody an Instructor’s Guide and PowerPoint slides. It is usually related for those who are new to the sector, as it provides a major amount of introductory material that delivers a broad overview to the core areas of digital forensics.

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The volume is meant for police, lawyers and forensic analysts and supplies a complete look at modern methodologies computer crime and crime prevention. Contributors include authorized lecturers as well as computer, networking and forensics skilled from around the world.

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Table of Contents

Author Biographies
Digital Forensics
Chapter 1. Foundations of Digital Forensics
Chapter 2. Language of Computer Crime Investigation
Chapter 3. Digital Evidence in the Courtroom
Chapter 4. Cybercrime Law
Chapter 5. Cybercrime Law
Chapter 6. Conducting Digital Investigations
Chapter 7. Handling a Digital Crime Scene
Chapter 8. Investigative Reconstruction with Digital Evidence
Chapter 9., Motive, and Technology
Chapter 10. Violent Crime and Digital Evidence
Chapter 11. Digital Evidence as Alibi
Chapter 12. S3x Offenders on the Internet
Chapter 13. Computer Intrusions
Chapter 14. Cyberstalking
Chapter 15. Computer Basics for Digital Investigators
Chapter 16. Applying Forensic Science to Computers
Chapter 17. Digital Evidence on Windows Systems
Chapter 18. Digital Evidence on UNIX Systems
Chapter 19. Digital Evidence on Macintosh Systems
Chapter 20. Digital Evidence on Mobile Devices
Chapter 21. Network Basics for Digital Investigators
Chapter 22. Applying Forensic Science to Networks
Chapter 23. Digital Evidence on the Internet
Chapter 24. Digital Evidence on Physical and Data-Link Layers
Chapter 25. Digital Evidence at the Network and Transport Layers
Case Index
Name Index
Subject Index

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Product Details

Author: Eoghan Casey
eBook ISBN: 9780080921488
Hardcover ISBN: 9780123742681
Imprint: Academic Press
Published Date: 12th April 2011
Page Count: 840

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