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Employment Law for Human Resource Practice 6th Edition, pdf, ebook and download by David J. Walsh familiarizes the reader with basics of employment law. It is oriented in the direction of both students taking a study course in employment law and human resource specialists whose personnel selections have immediate legal ramifications.

This book examines the related statutes, judicial choices, government orders, and administrative policies that form the respective rights of managers and workers in the office. It goes nicely outside of merely stating what is legal and what’s illegal, but additionally supplies the pupil and the skilled using the basis for evaluating the legal implications and efficacy of a firm’s human resource policies.

This 6e offers students the capability to comprehend the employment process, from beginning to end, although taking into consideration the legal environment and its implications for enterprise success. Walsh’s personnel law guide gives a solid basis for college students to successfully navigate the constantly changing and hardly ever particular locations of personnel law within an organization.

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Authored by authors who both hold Licensed Money Managers credentials, this book provides wide coverage of treasury and working cash administration, even though utilizing valuation plus the cash flow timeline as integrating themes. Its total coverage includes current developments in treasury administration, banking deregulation, globalization of monetary services delivery, e-commerce, worldwide money management and foreign trade danger – all with a decision-making emphasis throughout.

Additionally, this book highlights examples of businesses making use of the Internet for treasury management and other emerging trends.

This book is amazing text providing a thorough overview of virtually all locations of employment law as they relate to human resources, employment attorney and HR experts.

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Table of Contents


1. Overview of Employment Law.

2. The Employment Relationship.

3. Overview of Employment Discrimination. Part II: THE HIRING PROCESS.

4. Recruitment.

5. Background Checks, References, and Verifying Employment Eligibility.

6. Employment Testing.

7. Hiring and Promotion Decisions. Part III: MANAGING A DIVERSE WORKFORCE.

8. Harassment.

9. Reasonably Accommodating Disability and Religion.

10. Work-Life Conflicts and Other Diversity Issues. Part IV: PAY, BENEFITS, TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT.

11. Wages, Hours, and Pay Equity.

12. Benefits.

13. Unions and Collective Bargaining.

14. Occupational Safety and Health.

15. Privacy on the Job. Part V: TERMINATING EMPLOYMENT.

16. Terminating Individual Employees.

17. Downsizing and Post Termination Issues.

Product Details


Edition: 6th edition

ISBN-13: 978-1337555326

Format: Hardback

Publisher: Cengage Learning, Inc (9/17/2018)

Copyright: 2019

Dimensions: 8.2 x 10.1 x 1.2 inches

Weight: 3.6lbs

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