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Just the Facts: Investigative Report Writing 5th Edition, pdf, ebook and download   by Michael Biggs introduces the straightforward guidelines and strategies college students want to write effective investigative reviews in law enforcement. Its consumer-pleasant methodology works in any context, with any crime, whatever the case’s complexity.

Every chapter focuses on one major part of the report writing course of, carefully building on what has already been learned. Coverage consists of: investigation basics, notice taking, narrative writing, describing individuals and property, crime and arrest reviews, writing interviews and search warrants, and more.

Authors present an overview of what is going to be mentioned after which supply a listing of key terms that can be covered in the text. Each chapter concludes with a abstract of the chapter, followed by a brief review, a set of exercises to construct on the material that was covered, and a ten-question quiz. The workouts are designed to build confidence and reinforce the topics just covered. This book consists of some expanded chapters and a reorganization.

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This book contains extra coverage of narrative writing guidelines, supported by more exercises; new coverage of digital proof; and extra search warrant examples, all introduced in an attractive, accessible new design. Each chapter includes a clear overview, key terms, summary, temporary review, sensible workouts, and a ten-question quiz.

This book comprises handy clean report varieties, practical workout routines on condensing reports and selecting more effective language; and a completely-up to date glossary. It combines the fundamentals of investigation and report writing, and bridges the gap between them so as to train the fundamentals concerned in writing a police report.

Basic tips for investigative stories are established by means of algorithm which might be easy to grasp and apply in any type of report writing scenario. The  Fifth Edition is aimed for law enforcement officials who’ve issue turning their preliminary investigative efforts into high quality stories, and anybody concerned in law enforcement training looking for an instrument to produce efficient investigative report writing.

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Table of Content

Preface ix

Acknowledgments x

1. Investigation Basics

Role of an Investigative Report

Who Is an Investigator?

What Is an Investigation?

When Does an Investigation Occur?

Administrative Investigations

The Steps in Initiating an Investigation

The Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Investigations

The Qualities of a Superior Investigator

The Average Person Test

Reasonable Particularity

2. The Rules of Narrative Writing

The First Rule of Narrative Writing First Person

The Second Rule of Narrative Writing Past Tense

The Third Rule of Narrative Writing Active Voice

The Fourth Rule of Narrative Writing Chronological Order

The Fifth Rule of Narrative Writing Short, Clear, Concise, and Concrete Words

Other Writing Considerations

3. Note Taking

The Importance of Field Notes

Basic Uses of Field Notes

The Mechanics of Note Taking

Types of Notebooks

Accessing the Information

What Should Be Included

Recording Notes

4. Describing Persons and Property

Categorizing People for a Report

Assessing Weights and Measurements

Interviewing for Suspect Descriptions

Describing Property in a Report

The Average Person Test

Photos and Sketches

Determining Property Value

Writing Evidence Reports

Describing Evidence

Evidence Report Formats

Establishing the Chain of Custody

5. Crime Reports

Purpose of a Crime Report

Completing Crime Reports

Supplemental Reports

6. Arrest Reports

Documenting the Arrest

Arrest Report Styles

Completing the Arrest Report

Report Formats

7. Writing the Interview

The Purpose of the Interview

Preparing for the Interview

Conducting the Interview

Writing the Interview

8. Writing Search Warrants

Search Warrants

The Warrant Process

How to Write a Warrant

Writing the Affidavit

Including Expert Opinions

The Return to the Warrant

9. Issues in Writing

Record Management Systems

Need for Effective Report Writing

Fact or Opinion?

When Opinions Are Appropriate

Documenting Responses to Miranda Rights

Eye Witness Identifications

Documenting Field Show Ups

Eyewitness Identifications

Reader Use Conflict

The Approval Process

Product Details

Full Title: Just the Facts: Investigative Report Writing

Edition: 5th edition

ISBN-13: 978-0133591309

Format: Paperback/softback

Publisher: Pearson (7/17/2015)

Copyright: 2016

Dimensions: 8.2 x 10.4 x 0.2 inches

Weight: < 1 lb

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