Fashion Entrepreneurship Retail Business Planning 3rd Edition by Michele M Granger

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Fashion Entrepreneurship Retail Business Planning 3rd Edition, pdf, ebook, and free download by Michele M. Granger will fill you in on how to manage your retail business. Want to know more about this book? Well, here is a useful review that can come in handy for you.

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Book Description

If you are planning on starting your own retail business, you certainly need to read Fashion Entrepreneurship Retail Business Planning. This book is written by entrepreneurs, allowing it to be very relevant and accurate with the things you will face in real life as an entrepreneur.

The book itself tries to explain many things regarding the retail business. These things include management, financial statements, e-commerce, cash flow, market segmentation, and omnichannel retailing. You will be able to see a hypothetical business plan in each chapter, allowing you to easily understand what the writers are trying to explain.

The business models you will see in this book are also quite impressive. From Warby Parker, Etsy, and Birchbox, you will be able to learn the framework of many business models that manage to create successful retail businesses. The fact that the book is illustrated with 130 images also adds points to this book.

About the Author

The authors of this book consist of Michele M. Granger, Ann Cantrell, and Tina M. Sterling, all of which are experts in the business field. Granger was a professor at the Fashion and Interior Design Department, College of Business Administration at Missouri State University.

Cantrell is an Assistant Professor in the Fashion Business Management Department at the Fashion Institute of Technology. She is also the owner of Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store that you will be able to find in Brooklyn.

Lastly, Sterling is an entrepreneur who also serves as a business consultant. She has consulted many businesses across the United States in her lifetime.

Who Should Read the Book?

If you are interested in starting your own retail business, you are the perfect person to read this book. You might also gain benefits from reading this book if you are business students who are trying to understand more about retail business.

Book Details

Publisher: Fairchild Books; 3rd edition (February 7, 2019)

Publication date: February 7, 2019

Language: English

Print length: 320 pages

Item weight: 1.95 pounds

Dimensions: 8.43 x 0.76 x 10.87 inches

Table of Content

STUDIO Resources

Table of Contents for STUDIO

How to Use the STUDIO

Blank Business Plan Template

Blank Business Plan Template with Instructions

Financial Plan

Front matter

Prefacepp. xi–xiii

Acknowledgementsp. xiv

Introductionpp. xv–xvi

Becoming a Fashion Retail Entrepreneurpp. 1–22


QUIZ: Chapter 1 Multiple Choice Quiz

STUDIO Resources

Developing a Road Map for Successpp. 23–36


QUIZ: Chapter 2 Multiple Choice Quiz

STUDIO Resources

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Where to Buy the Book

To get this book, you can look for it on online shopping platforms such as Amazon, where you will also be able to find the e-textbook version. You can also find this book on other websites such as Vital Source to get your hands on this book.

Book Format PDF Free Download

The book is available as paperback and e-textbook for your convenience. So, interested in buying the Fashion Entrepreneurship Retail Business Planning 3rd Edition?

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