Fashion Marketing and Merchandising 5th Edition by Mary Wolfe Review

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The fifth edition of the fashion marketing & merchandising has been out for many studies and education material. The book covers a plethora of ever-changing fashion, fast-paced life, and the struggle of the apparel industry. It also shows some interesting settings and features in the eyes of the fashion business. Here are some details on Fashion Marketing and Merchandising 5th Edition, pdf, ebook, and free download by Mary Wolfe.

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Book Description

The book is meant to compile some business aspects of the fashion world. It also comprises some pinpoints on the career opportunities the business offers. The contact describes a plethora of details and strategies, such as retailing in the ever-growing and moving technologies. Some of the details also show fashion industry globalization, business, and career as a professional.

About The Author

The author is Mary Wolfe. She also worked in all segments of fashion industries, including textile research to retail sales. One of her recognitions is her career as a personal fashion designer for the US vice president wife. She is also known for her teaching at the University of Delaware and as an author of her book on fashion and pattern making.

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Preferred Readers

The book is for 15-18 years old students who are learning and examining a business aspect of the fashion world. The Fashion Marketing and Merchandising 5th Edition book also shows career opportunities and new retail trends. The information and study material also encompasses textile/apparel/retail soft goods chain, strategic, economic fundamentals, and many more.

Book Details

The fifth edition by Mary G.Wolfe is published in 2019 by publisher Goodheart-Wilcox Co. The English book 2019 version has 224 pages which is the revised, and workbook version. However, the first version was published on November 20, 2017, with 655 pages. The reader’s age range is around 15-18 years.

Table of Content

In the 655 pages, the book has seven units. In the first unit, the book talks about fashion and business concepts. The second unit is talking about textile or apparel building blocks. The third unit is the designing and producing apparel details. The rest of the book will talk about the further business matter.

In the Fashion Marketing and Merchandising 5th Edition, the fourth unit covers all of the retail business fundamentals in detail. The next chapter or unit talks about the best strategies to succeed in the retail industry. The next one covers fashion promotion ideas and works. And the last one is about the fashion business trend in today’s world.

Where To Buy

For those who are looking for the book, you can find it on Barnes and Noble or Amazon. The two options offer different versions. The 2018-2019 publication is available in Barnes and Noble for around 28.00 USD or 18.49 USD for the used one. Amazon offers the 2017 illustrated edition paperback for about 120 USD.

Book Format PDF Free Download

Till this article is out, the book is available in the form of a printed paperback workbook. However, you can also find the digital version of Fashion Marketing and Merchandising 5th Edition in the form of an online document or ebook from (Goodheart-Wilcox official site).

As a book that has been out since 2019, the information given inside is eye-opening for everyone. Ranges of details in the business under fashion market and merchandise are stated in specific. It also shows the career opportunities following with technology, trend, manufacture, and many more. It is a great learning book for students in the fashion design class.

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