Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations 5th Edition by William N Zelman

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You might need to read Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations 5th Edition, pdf, ebook, and free download by William N. Zelman if you are studying the basics of healthcare financial management. Let’s talk about what this book covers and more useful information you can get.

Book Description

Offering many techniques and tools when it comes to health care financial management, the Financial Management of Health Care Organizations Fifth Edition can give you a proper introduction regarding this topic. You will be able to learn about a variety of topics from this book, including health care accounting, the health care system, evolving reimbursement methodologies, billing management, major capital investments, and so many more.

The fifth edition is a revised version that contains many new accounting changes that you will see in nonprofit hospitals. Of course, it also covers net asset accounts and much more relevant information regarding healthcare management today. It will also help you understand the significance of tax law change on bank-bought hospitals. This book provides complete information packed in a simple textbook for you to easily read.

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About the Author

The authors of this book are academic professionals who are experienced in their fields for many years. William N. Zelman is a professor who is associated with the Department of Health Policy and Administration at the University of North Carolina. Michael J. McCue is also a professor in the Department of Health Administration at Virginia Commonwealth University. Noah D. Glick is an independent consultant of health care, whereas Marci S. Thomas is a clinical associate professor who is associated with the Department of Health Policy and Administration at the University of North Carolina.

Who Should Read the Book?

Anyone passionate about healthcare financial management should buy this book. These people include healthcare management students, business administration students, medical staff, and many more.

Book Details

Publisher: Jossey-Bass; 5th edition (July 28, 2020)

Publication date: July 28, 2020

Language: English

Print length: 704 pages

Item weight:‎ 2.89 pounds

Dimensions: 7.7 x 1.7 x 9.4 inches

Where to Buy

You can easily find this book on Amazon and other online book shopping platforms. You will also be able to order this book on Wiley’s official website.

Book Format Free Download

This book has two versions, including the hardcover and the e-book versions. The e-book version provides convenience for students who want to read the book from their mobile devices. That is all you need to know about the Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations 5th Edition.

The students and students before buying this book tried to find a PDF version of the information on the internet. If they find it, then they will download it immediately. And usually, they get a PDF with a free download.

Regarding the contents of the PDF, not everything is complete. There are some things the contents of the book are not included in it.

For those of you who want to get complete information, you should immediately buy a book at the nearest store. Before supplies run out.