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Fischbach’s A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests 11th Edition PDF and Download Review

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Book Description

No book could match Fischbach’s A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests 11th edition review, pdf, free download, epub, and kindle when it comes to its comprehensive approach. This book offers guidelines for healthcare practitioners, especially nurses, when treating their patients who undergo diagnostic tests. It will help them to be more professional even in difficult situations. The guidelines are given extensively with emphasis on safety to get the best outcome possible. Interestingly, this book takes a unique perspective by designing it the way professional nurses think.

Furthermore, it also contains different tests for various populations and explain what method should be used to conduct health tests. If you are confused about interpreting test’s result, this book is also for you.

Because of its credibility, it’s not a surprise Fischbach’s A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests 11th edition was chosen as Doody’s Core Title for 2022. It explains almost everything from tips to analyze data to information about patient aftercare. As this is the new edition, we can see some updates from the previous book.

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For example, compared to the 10th edition, this book is more reader-friendly as it’s easier to navigate.  Fischbach’s A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests Eleventh edition also covers problems like complications, risk factors, and others. This will lead to better treatment conducted by nurses.

Fischbach’s A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests 11th edition consists of 16 chapters and one appendix. Each chapter explains different subjects, like blood testing, microbial studies, prenatal diagnosis, chemistry studies, and others. All these chapters contain useful information for nurses and medical students. The other interesting thing is the specific highlights on subjects such as patient education, follow-up, and result evaluation. Readers will also learn how to do assessments on patients with a more individualized approach to get a better diagnostic. At the end of the day, readers will get a better idea about holistic treatment, especially for patients who undergo laboratory or diagnostic tests.

Written by Prof. Frances Talaska Fischbach, this book is not to be questioned when it comes to its reliability. Prof. Fischbach is not only an expert but also a passionate writer in the nursing field. The 1173-page book is also published by a prestigious publishing company, Wolters Kluwer. If you are interested in getting this book, you can buy it at your nearest bookstore.

You can also buy Fischbach’s A Manual of Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests 11th edition online on Amazon, Abebooks, Vitalsource, eBay, and other sites. It will cost you around $72.99 for the paperback and ebook.

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Table of Contents

For those who want to buy this book, you should know the table of contents. We managed to find a list from this book.

The following is the complete information.

Cover image

Title page



Contributors to the Tenth Edition

Reviewers of the Tenth Edition



1 Diagnostic Testing

2 Blood Studies: Hematology and Coagulation

3 Urine Studies

4 Stool Studies

5 Cerebrospinal Fluid Studies

6 Chemistry Studies

7 Microbiologic Studies

8 Immunodiagnostic Studies

9 Nuclear Medicine Studies

10 Radiography (X-Ray) and Computed Tomography (CT) Studies

11 Cytologic, Histologic, and Genetic Studies

12 Endoscopic StudiesEndoscopic Studies

13 Ultrasonography Studies

14 Pulmonary Function, Arterial Blood Gases, and Electrolyte Tests

15 Prenatal Screening and Tests of Fetal Well-Being

16 Special Diagnostic Studies


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A Standard Precautions for Prevention and Control of Infection

B Guidelines for Specimen Transport and Storage

C Vitamins in Human Nutrition

D Minerals in Human Nutrition

E Effects of Drugs on Laboratory Tests (Blood, Whole Plasma, Serum, Stool, and Urine)


About of Author

There are 3 scientists who wrote this 11th edition of the book. They work together to produce the books needed by students.

They consist of Frances Talaska Fischbach RN BSN MSN (Author), Margaret Fischbach (Author), Kate Stout RN MSN (Author).

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Where to Buy Books

The book company has distributed to many agents. You can find the 11th edition of the book on Amazon, eBay and Vitalsource websites. Both in print and digital formats.

If you have a subscription bookstore, you should buy this book there. It could be that you will get a discount. With these discounts, you can save on financial expenses.

Shopping for this book can be done online and offline. For online payments, you can use bank transactions. To improve the service, you can pay When the book order arrives home.

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Not all book companies give permission to free download links in the form of PDFs, eBooks, and EPUB. If anyone does without permission, sanctions can be imposed.

Even so, there are still people who share this eleventh edition of the book on the internet network.

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Learning is not enough just to hear. People who want to know more about knowledge, they will read a lot of books. Hence, you should read this book immediately. The trick is to buy and borrow at the school library.

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