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Form a Partnership: The Complete Legal Guide 9th edition, pdf, ebook, download by Ralph Warner Attorney and Denis Clifford gives everything you will need to draw up a sound partnership arrangement. This book offers step-by-step guide with sample types and worksheets that pilots readers by means of the partnership arrangement. A superb partnership agreement is crucial for the personal and small business security. An enterprise partnership is like a marriage so it ought to not be entered into lightly.

This book explains all of the matters you’ll need to address and takes you by means of the course of action of setting up an effective partnership. Complete with step-by-step directions plus the agreements and types you’ll need, this book makes forming your own personal partnership inexpensive and hassle-free.

This Ninth Edition book answers your most important questions, including: What are your legal rights and obligations? Are you currently liable for all of your partner’s steps? What if you disagree together with your partner? What in the event you or your companion desires out from the small business?

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Author of the book, Denis Clifford is actually an attorney who specializes in estate preparing. He is the author of several Nolo titles which includes Quick and Legal Will Book and Make your own Living Believe in and co-author of Strategy Your Estate.

By reading this book, you will know numerous varieties of business enterprise organizations, partnership positive aspects and disadvantages, Florida partnership rules, making ready a partnership agreement without an attorney, picking and working with a lawyer and guidelines for altering partners.

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Table of Contents





About the Author

Table of Contents

Your Legal Companion for Forming a Partnership

1 Is a Partnership Right for You?

Sharing Ownership of a Business

Business Structure Options

Comparing Partnerships to LLCs and Corporations

A Closer Look at Partnerships

2 An Overview of Your Partnership Agreement

Preparing Your Agreement

Basic Topics Covered in a Partnership Agreement

Partners: Their Authority and Relationship

Name and Purpose of the Partnership

Financial Considerations

Expanding Your Business

Operational and Management Responsibilities

Withdrawal of a Partner, Buyouts, and Ending a Partnership


Short-Form Partnership Agreements

Will You Need a Lawyer or an Accountant?

3 Partnership Name, Contributions, Profits, and Management

Name, Term, and Purpose


Profits, Losses, Draws, and Salaries

Management Responsibilities

4 Changes and Growth of Your Partnership

Amending the Partnership Agreement

Admission of a New Partner

5 Changes: Departure of a Partner, Buyouts, and Business Continuation

Buy-Sell Clauses

Determining the Value of the Business

Payments to Departing Partners

Expelling a Partner

Continuing the Partnership

Terminating a Partnership

6 Partnership Disputes: Mediation and Arbitration



Combining Mediation With Arbitration

7 Partnership and Taxes

Using Tax Experts

Partnership Business and Personal Income Taxes

How Partnerships Are Taxed

Family Partnerships for Tax Savings

Tax Consequences of Contributions to a Partnership

Management of the Partnership Business

Tax Returns

Taxation and Sale of a Partnership Interest

Tax Terms Explained

8 Getting Your Business Started

Permits and Licenses

Federal and State Tax Requirements

Bookkeeping and Accounting



Rent and Lease Negotiations

9 Limited Partnerships

How a Limited Partnership Works

The Relationship Between the General Partner and the Limited Partners

Securities Aspects of Limited Partnerships

Certificate of Limited Partnership

Tax Aspects of Limited Partnerships

10 Lawyers and Other Professionals/Doing Your Own Research


Partnership Tax Experts

Doing Your Own Research

11 Drafting Your Own Partnership Agreement

How to Prepare Your Agreement

After You’ve Drafted Your Agreement

The Story of a Partnership

A Resources

Resources for Further Research

B Using the Interactive Forms

Editing RTFs

List of Forms

C Partnership Agreements

Partnership Agreement

Short-Form Partnership Agreement

Sample Partnership Termination Agreement


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Product Details

By: Dennis Clifford Attorney

Publisher: NOLO

Print ISBN: 9781413313925, 1413313922Print ISBN: 9781413313925, 1413313922

eText ISBN: 9781413314120, 1413314120eText ISBN: 9781413314120, 1413314120

Edition: 9th

Pages: 288

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