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Fundamentals of Law Office Management 5th edition, pdf, ebook and download by Pamela Everett Nollkamper offers clear understanding of how a law workplace functions, and to provide important skills. The book is split into three sections in order to greatest accomplish these goals.

The first section, consisting of five chapters, provides summary of the legal industry. These chapters explain the parameters and insurance policies of the business of law and provide a robust foundation upon which to construct an authorized career. The knowledge contained in these chapters is essential to understand why law firms, and other varieties of authorized places of work, conduct business in another way from different industries.

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The second part, consisting of 5 chapters, introduces students to the capabilities and procedures widespread to a law office environment. The third section, consisting of four chapters, provides students with important abilities that shall be utilized throughout their legal career.

The Fifth Edition can be a good book for any vocational or sensible oriented program in paralegal or legal assistant studies. It contains plenty of useful hints, tips, and explanations of widespread areas for law office management.

The book is enhanced with the inclusion of features similar to key phrases, ethics alerts, aspect bars, and tech tips. New to this fourth edition is material on federal employment laws and law office marketing, along with revised tables and charts and updated web resources. It provides solutions to associated problems in easy, straightforward to grasp terms.

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Table of Contents

Ch 1: The Legal Marketplace

Ch 2: The Legal Team

Ch 3: Personnel Relations

Ch 4: The Attorney-Client Relationship

Ch 5: Paralegal Ethics and Client Relations

Ch 6: Legal Fees

Ch 7: Timekeeping

Ch 8: Billing and Financial Management

Ch 9: Managing the Client Funds Trust Account

Ch 10: Technology in the Law Office

Ch 11: Law Office Systems

Ch 12: Docket Control Systems

Ch 13: File and Records Management

Ch 14: Law Library Organization and Management

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Product Details

Full Title: Fundamentals of Law Office Management

Edition: 5th edition

ISBN-13: 978-1133280842

Format: Paperback/softback

Publisher: Cengage (2/21/2013)

Copyright: 2014

Dimensions: 8.2 x 10.4 x 1 inches

Weight: 2.7lbs

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