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Book Description

Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: Step-By-Step Guidance for Assessment and Intervention Second Edition provides information to the readers on how components of primary care has changed due to the reform of techniques, acts, regulation, and new issues concerning the medical world. The world of medicine keeps evolving and this becomes the reason why evaluation and intervention in primary care should be updated.

Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: Step-By-Step Guidance for Assessment and Intervention Second Edition is written and edited by some experts in clinical psychology with years of experience. The authors have a wide range of practical experience from which to share. They provide useful information and guidance for healthcare workers who want to perform their health services in more efficiently in the fast-paced hospital setting of primary care.

Of course all of the information in the book is based on research evidence or scientific proof. They provide detailed suggestions for solving common health problems such as depression, diet issues, sleep problems, common anxiety disorders, cardiovascular diseases, s3xual problems, pain disorders, and other health conditions.

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New chapters related to population health and the PCMH are added to this edition. Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: Step-By-Step Guidance for Assessment and Intervention 2nd Edition presents new chapters that were absent in the previous editions such as pediatric, adolescents, and parenting, marital quality and health, suicide risk management, and shared medical appointments.

The book takes a positive approach to behavioral health treatment in primary care, discussing both common mental health issues and those that fall squarely within the purview of health psychology. All of this will assist you as a clinician in understanding the types of oriented interactions that have worked successfully in the prime care setting.

Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: Step-By-Step Guidance for Assessment and Intervention Second Edition will undoubtedly help readers who are still not familiar with primary care as it integrates into the environment in a meaningful way. Published by a scientific and professional organization, American Psychological Association, this book can be purchased on the publisher’s official website. You can buy the hardcover version of the book for $99.95. Cheaper prices are available for members or affiliates. You can also find the book on Amazon at the same price. From the e world’s biggest online retailer, you can buy the Kindle edition of the book for $84.96.

You will definitely find this book useful especially if you are a health care provide who frequently lack the time and training to help patients manage common medical problems found in primary care using an evidence-based approach.

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Table of Contents

N.A. Cummings, The History of Behavioral Healthcare: A perspective from a lifetime of involvement.

N.A. Cummings, A New Vision of Healthcare for America.

Chapter 2 Discussion

A.E. Fruzzetti, Medical Health Care and Mental Health Care: Integration and/or Partnership.

  1. Strosahl, The Integration of Primary Care and Behavioral Health: Type II Change in the Era of Managed Care.

Chapter 3 Discussion

  1. Hayes, Take Me to Your Leader!
  2. Kent and M. Gordon, Programmatic Approaches to Care and Outcomes: The Medical Co-Management Group Appointment.

Chapter 4 Discussion

  1. Hayes, Reinventing the Team Model: Can Quality and Lower Cost go Hand in Hand?

J.D. Slay, Jr., C. Mcleod, and J.N. Johnson, Organizing a Collaborative Healthcare Delivery System in a Medical Setting.

Chapter 5 Discussion

  1. Gutride, A Review of the Collaborative Care Project.
  2. Dyer, Behavioral Technologies in Disease Management: A New Service Model for Working with Physicians.

Chapter 6 Discussion

  1. Kohlenberg, Persuasion Criteria in the Business of Disease Management and Behavioral Health.
  2. Trabin, Accountability for Quality in the Real World: From 30,000 Feet to Ground Level and Back Up.

Chapter 7 Discussion

  1. Thorp, J. Greg, R. Niccolls, and W. O’Donohue, The Best and Worst of Times for Behavioral Mental Health Practice.

I.A. Shaffer, Managed Care: Cost and Effectiveness.

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Chapter 8 Discussion

  1. Thienhaus, Effectiveness and Cost in Managed Care.

S.C. Hayes and J. Gregg, Practice Guidelines and the Industrialization of Behavioral Healthcare Delivery.

Chapter 9 Discussion

  1. Varble, Comments on Pracice Guidelines.

S.P. Melek, Financial Risk and Structural Issues.

Chapter 10 Discussion

  1. Wendel, Integrated Care: Potential Disaster or Golden Opportunity?

W.G. Troy, Program Restructuring and Curricular Enhancement for Accountable Training.

Chapter 11 Discussion

  1. Follette, Continuing Education: Opportunities for Enhanced Family Relations.

M.S. Pallak, Managed Care: Implications for Clinical Training.

Chapter 12 Discussion

J.E. Fisher, J. Buchanan, and J.E. Hadden, Clinical Psychology Curriculum and the Industrialization of Behavioral Healthcare.


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About of Author

The number of authors of this book is 4 people. Based on the information from the Google Books page, here is the names:

  • Mark S. Oordt,
  • Christopher L. Hunter,
  • Anne C. Dobmeyer,
  • Jeffrey L. Goodie

Product Details

  • of pages: 347
  • Language: English
  • Copyright: © Academic Press 2001
  • Published: August 28, 2001
  • Imprint: Academic Press
  • eBook ISBN: 9780080508887

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