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International Business Law and Its Environment 10th edition, pdf, ebook, download, test bank by Richard Schaffer presents complete subjects with the lawful, cultural, political, financial, and moral matters global business professionals face. This book focuses on the trade, licensing and financial commitment life-cycle and multinational companies.

The authors current the market-entry tactics, escalating ranges of penetration into overseas markets, and list of risks that firms encounter during each life-cycle phase from protecting and licensing intellectual house to finding out the special problems of carrying out business in developing countries and non-market-economies.

The Tenth edition helps you comprehend one of the most essential and rising matters in global business law via its cutting-edge instances and real-world examples, pertinent case concerns, managerial challenges, and ethics actions. This book consists of a concise explanation of every day challenges concerning foreign transactions, together with rationalization from the law technique in US.

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This book also provides international business inside a complete framework with unrivaled clarity. Real-world examples and partaking functions support deliver the concepts to existence and make international business available to all visitors. Authors also explain the influence with the global credit crisis and latest economic downturn on international business, whilst also emphasizing its concentrate on the crucial role of emerging markets in today’s international marketplace.

The book could also be made use of properly with any international business law program. Protection moves sequentially from international revenue and letters of credit score to regulation of international trade to transfers of technologies to foreign financial commitment to dispute settlement. Full citations and analyses are provided.

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Table of Content

1. Introduction to International Business.

2. International Law and the World’s Legal Systems.

3. Resolving International Commercial Disputes.

4. The Formation and Performance of Contracts for the Sale of Goods.

5. The Documentary Sale and Terms of Trade.

6. Legal Issues in International Transportation.

7. Bank Collections and Letters of Credit.

8. National Lawmaking Powers and the Regulation of U.S. Trade.

9. The World Trade Organization: Basic Legal Principles.

10. Laws Governing Access to Foreign Markets.

11. Regulating Import Competition and Unfair Trade.

12. Imports, Customs, and Tariff Law.

13. Export Controls and Sanctions.

14. North American Free Trade Law.

15. The European Union.

16. Marketing: Representatives, Advertising, and Anti-Corruption

17. Protection and Licensing of Intellectual Property.

18. The Legal Environment of Foreign Direct Investment.

19. Labor and Employment Discrimination Law

20. Environmental Law.

21. Regulating the Competitive Environment.

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CASES AND CASE QUESTIONS ENGAGE STUDENTS AND HIGHLIGHT CHALLENGES IN TODAY’S WORLD OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS. Multiple cases in every chapter illustrate the issues and sources of contemporary international business law. Every in-text case concludes with a

THOUGHT-PROVOKING ETHICS COVERAGE ENCOURAGES CONTEMPLATION. Rounding out every chapter, carefully constructed Ethical Considerations exercises ask students to consider the repercussions of their decisions as future international business leaders.

KEY TERMS ENSURE UNDERSTANDING. Designed to help students streamline their studies, key terms with their corresponding page numbers now appear at the end of every chapter.

END-OF-CHAPTER REVIEW GUIDES STUDENTS IN APPLYING PRINCIPLES TO BUSINESS CHALLENGES. Chapter Summaries reinforce students’ understanding of the essential topics, while follow-up Questions, Case Problems, and Managerial Implications encourage students to a

Product Details

Full Title: International Business Law and Its Environment

Edition: 10th edition

ISBN-13: 978-1305972599

Format: Hardback

Publisher: South-Western College Pub (9/15/2017)

Copyright: 2018

Dimensions: 8.2 x 10.1 x 1.2 inches

Weight: 3.2lbs

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