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Justice, Crime and Ethics 10th Edition, pdf, ebook and download by Michael C. Braswell discusses moral dilemmas pertaining for the administration of criminal justice and professional actions in the field. Comprehensive coverage is accomplished through focus on regulation enforcement, legal practice, sentencing, punition, analysis, crime manage policy and philosophical issues. Overviews tie the chapters together using a thematic structure. Crucial concepts, dialogue questions and situation scientific studies improve the text.

Additionally, this tenth Edition introduces foundations with the research of ethics and morality; examines notable ethical and moral themes, conflicts, and struggles in criminology and criminal justice; and explores the conceptual and sensible value of important ethical concepts, concepts, and arguments.

This book is extensively up-to-date and revised for higher clarity, cohesiveness, and accessibility. An all-new chapter demonstrates practical application of normative frameworks to ethical dilemmas, and one more mostly new chapter introduces recreation principle, evolutionary psychology, and related concepts.

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The book contains three new chapters concentrating on deception in police interrogation; applying moral dilemmas in training police; and terrorism and justice. Essays are enhanced with situation studies and workouts created to stimulate crucial and innovative thinking relating to ethical concerns in crime and justice.

The content material of the book was distinctly positioned according to relevancy of the chapter titles. The details are written in easy to understand language. Real-life cases and conditions show the importance of ethics in the world of criminal justice nowadays for all those learning or considering a profession in criminal justice.

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Table of Content


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Title Page

Copyright Page

Table of Contents

A Note about the Tenth Edition


Part I Introduction

Chapter 1 Ethics, Crime, and Justice: An Introductory Note to Students

Chapter 2 Utilitarian and Deontological Approaches to Criminal Justice Ethics

Chapter 3 Justice, Ethics, and Peacemaking

Exercise 3.1 Your Personal Philosophy

Case Study 3.1 To Help or Not to Help?

Exercise 3.2 The Ethics of Drug Control Policy

Part II Ethical Issues in Policing

Chapter 4 Learning Police Ethics: Sources, Content, and Implications

Chapter 5 Using Ethical Dilemmas in Training Police

Chapter 6 Deception in Police Interrogations: Ethical Issues and Dilemmas

Chapter 7 Police Ethics, Legal Proselytism, and the Social Order: Paving the Path to Misconduct

Part III Ethics and the Courts

Chapter 8 Whatever Happened to Atticus Finch? Lawyers as Legal Advocates and Moral Agents

Case Study 8.1 Statutory Rapist

Chapter 9 Ethical Challenges for Prosecutors

Case Study 9.1 It’s a Rat Race, and the Best Rat Wins

Chapter 10 Balancing Harms: The Ethics and Purposes of Criminal Sentencing

Chapter 11 Punishment, Crime, and Ethics

Chapter 12 To Die or Not to Die: Morality, Ethics, and the Death Penalty

Case Study 12.1 Politics or Ethics? A Governor’s Prerogative

Part IV Ethical Issues in Corrections

Chapter 13 Ethical Issues in Probation, Parole, and Community Corrections

Chapter 14 Restorative Justice and Ethics: Real-World Applications

Chapter 15 Prison Corruption

Chapter 16 Ethics and Prison: Selected Issues

Case Study 16.1 Who’s Running the Prison?

Part V Ethical Issues in Crime Control Policy and Research

Chapter 17 Crime and Justice Myths

Exercise 17.1 How Television Affects Our Perceptions of Crime

Chapter 18 Juvenile Justice Ethical Issues: How Should We Treat Juveniles?

Chapter 19 Corporate Misconduct and Ethics

Chapter 20 Ethics and Criminal Justice Research

Chapter 21 Ethical Issues in Confronting Terrorism

Part VI Ethics and the Future

Chapter 22 Criminal Justice: An Ethic for the Future


Product Details

Justice, Crime, and Ethics

By: Michael C. Braswell; Belinda R. McCarthy; Bernard J. McCarthy

Publisher: Routledge

Print ISBN: 9780367196301, 0367196301Print ISBN: 9780367196301, 0367196301

eText ISBN: 9780429515477, 0429515472eText ISBN: 9780429515477, 0429515472

Edition: 10th

Copyright year: 2020

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