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Operations and Supply Chain Management 11th Edition by Roberta S. Russell

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Book Description

Are you looking for a book for your students to study business? If your answer is a “yes”, you definitely want to know about this book named Operations and Supply Chain Management 11th Edition, pdf, ebook, kindle, price, free download. This book is the most ideal when it comes to explaining information in an enjoyable yet comprehensive way. Your students will eventually grow their business decision-making skills with the help of this book.

Not only that, but you can also teach the students to analyze data, check product quality, administer circulated information, and other important skills. The language of this book is also easy to understand to match what young learners need.

As the latest edition, this book adds some new important topics. It even highlights the covid-19 pandemic’s effect on business activities, particularly regarding supply chain problems. Other topics that are added include the use of technology in the business world, the use of quantum computing, and the upcoming work discussions.

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With all these new added topics, the book Operations and Supply Chain Management 11th Edition will help the students to stay up to date with the current condition. They won’t just study old supply chain issues when similar phenomena because of covid-19 happen in their lifetime.

Other than new topics, this latest edition also comes with more interesting features. First, it puts more emphasis on sustainability. We know that the world has so many environmental problems. Those problems are often blamed on business activities. That’s why this book offers a new paradigm to create green activity, even in the supply chain world.

Furthermore, Operations and Supply Chain Management 11th Edition also uses an interesting approach combining qualitative and quantitative views. On one side, readers will learn about the quality of managerial positions, and on the other side, they will also learn about quantitative method.

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Operations and Supply Chain Management Eleventh Edition is written by Prof. Roberta S. Russell and Prof. Bernard W. Taylor. Both are experts in the business field, so this book is not to be doubted when it comes to its credibility. Published by Wiley, this book consists of a total of 816 pages. If you are interested in this book, don’t waste your time because you can buy it on many sites like Amazon, Vitalsource, Abebooks, and others.

This book will only cost you around $159.95 for the conventional version and $157 for the ebook version. Renting is available with a price starting from $54 while the second-hand book is around $70. These prices of Operations and Supply Chain Management 11th Edition are definitely worth it!

Table of Contents

We found no information about the book’s table of contents. Though we have searched for it from various sources.

But you should know what’s new in this 11th edition of the book. Wiley’s website reports as follows:

  • New focus on COVID-19’s effect on global supply chain throughout the chapters
  • 30% new or updated “Along the Supply Chain” boxes, which describe real-world business applications of OM topics at companies around the world.
  • New section on technology in design in Chapter 4
  • New quantum computing discussion in Chapter 6
  • New future of work discussion in Chapter 8
  • New section on project risk management in Chapter 9

From the latest information above, you can find out what is in this book.

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About of Author

The number of authors of this book is 2 people. They are authors who have produced many books. And colleges in the United States make their books a reference in teaching and learning. The teachers advise each student to read this 11th edition of the book.

Their names are:

  • Roberta S. Russell,
  • Bernard W. Taylor.

You can find more complete information about the author on the internet page. In addition, you can look for them where they teach.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Wiley, January 2023
  • Price:     $159.95
  • Version: eBook, Paperback

Where to Buy Books

For those of you who want to buy this book, please come to the nearest bookstore. You can also buy online. Companies like Amazon and eBay provide applications for consumers.

With online book shopping, you don’t have to waste time. It can be done anywhere, at home and at school. Even while working on other activities.

Payment can be made when the goods have arrived home.

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In addition to the students in the school, there are also many businessmen who read this book. That is, this book provides benefits. Now it’s time for you to buy and then read it.

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