Recursive Macroeconomic Theory 4th Edition by Ramsey Taxation Review

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Economic lecturers and students need to have the Recursive Macroeconomic Theory 4th Edition, pdf, ebook, and free download by Ramsey Taxation because it explains recursive methods, advanced material, mixing tools, and sample applications. The content helps a lot to face problems in dynamic macroeconomics. You will understand it more since the author includes real samples from diverse problems.

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Book Description

Recursive Macroeconomic Theory offers more than just theories. This book also includes real examples of how to solve diverse problems. It shows that the theories are applicable in real dynamic economic conditions.

Unlike the previous edition, the author adds two new chapters and revises other chapters to get a more powerful example of recursive methods. This book is recommended for those who need to know more about Ramsey Taxation, including the plan formulations and government policies.

Indeed, the first- and second-year graduate students who join macroeconomics courses should have this book as their reference. It not only shows examples but also includes some exercises you can do using Matlab or Python computer programming languages. As a result, you know how to solve the problem based on the available theories.

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Book Details

Publisher: The MIT Press‎

Publication date: September 11, 2018

Language: English ‎

Print length: 1480 pages   ‎

Item Weight: 4.7 pounds ‎

Dimensions: 9.2 x 7.3 x 2 inches ‎

Table of Content


Preface to the fourth edition

Part I: Imperialism of Recursive Methods

  1. Overview

Part II: Tools

  1. Time Series
  2. Linear Quadratic Dynamic Programming
  3. Search and Unemployment

Part III: Competitive Equilibria and Applications

  1. Recursive Competitive Equilibrium: I
  2. Equilibrium with Complete Markets
  3. Overlapping Generations
  4. Ricardian Equivalence
  5. Fiscal Policies in a Growth Model
  6. Recursive Competitive Equilibrium: II
  7. Asset Pricing Theory
  8. Asset Pricing Empirics
  9. Economic Growth
  10. Optimal Taxation with Commitment

Part IV: Savings Problems and Bewley Models

  1. Self-Insurance
  2. Incomplete Markets Models

Part V: Recursive Contracts

  1. Dynamic Stackelberg Problems
  2. Two Ramsey Problems Revisited
  3. Incentives and Insurance
  4. Equilibrium without Commitment
  5. Optimal Unemployment Insurance
  6. Credible Government Policies: I
  7. Credible Government Policies: II
  8. Two Topics in International Trade

Part VI: Classical Monetary and Labor Economics

  1. Fiscal-Monetary Theories of Inflation
  2. Credit and Currency
  3. Equilibrium Search, Matching, and Lotteries
  4. Matching Models Mechanics
  5. Foundations of Aggregate Labor Supply

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Part VII: Technical Appendices

  1. Functional Analysis
  2. Linear Projections and Hidden Markov Models
  3. References
  4. Subject Index
  5. Author Index
  6. Matlab Index

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