The Standard for Program Management 4th Edition by PMI Review

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As a book that stands out in the management field, it is one of the good reading materials for practitioners, learners, or research. The book itself has been getting some upgrades to match with the new ever-growing market. Since it covers a great number of PM-related issues and solutions, The Standard for Program Management 4th Edition, pdf, ebook, and free download by PMI will be a perfect guide for you. 

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Book Description 

The book is currently released for the fourth edition, in which it has several updates. It covers most of the principles of program management. It highlights program activities, lifecycle, and many other topics under the same field. The book can be a good hand instruction on the program management office and program sponsor. 

About Author 

The book was brought and also written by PMI. PMI is a project management institution that manages to compile a lot of information and knowledge about project management. The author itself can cover a range of materials and information, including publication, networking hosting, research, standards, education, and many more.  

Target Reader 

The book is a handy guide for learners or practitioners out there. People can read and get some ideas regarding how to work in the program management field. The Standard for Program Management 4th Edition will be a perfect guide for those that are working with program, portfolio, programs, and managers to project stakeholders or senior managers. 

Book Details 

The book is brought by PMI or Project Management Institution with the latest information and knowledge regarding the field. It was released in October 2017 and has 176 pages. It is pretty thin, but it has a range of knowledge that comes with new content, including supporting program activities, key roles, and program governance roles. 

Table of Contents 

The book itself covers some basic knowledge of the advance and implementation of Program Management ideas. Thus, seven sections will guide the reader through step-by-step practices. The First one will talk about the purpose of standards in Program management. The second section will clear up the idea of programs. 

As in the fourth section of the Standard for Program Management 4th Edition, there will be an explanation about the program management term. In the next one, the book shows some OPM relationships and roles of Portfolio, program, and project management. The next is more strategy and management. And lastly, the sixth is about business value and the seventh is the role of the program manager. 

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Where To Buy It

You can find the book on some official or trusted e-commerce out there. Amazon offers the 2017th book for about $38 to $51. There is also another place you can buy it, including the official PMI website or on the O’Reilly site. 

Book Formats PDF Free Download

Since the book is quite old, you can find it in many different formats. The printed version is the paperback and hardcover. There are also kindle, e-book, and some PDF free downloads on the internet. Some sources might demand registration before accessing the Standard for Program Management 4th Edition ebook. 

If you are looking for a guide that helps mature the program management practices, this book is a perfect choice. It covers a broad range of examples, solutions, tools, and practices. The book itself is released in 2017. Thus, you can find it in many formats, including free download PDF. It would be a good handbook to guide practitioners out there.