Understanding Health Insurance: A Guide to Billing and Reimbursement 17th Edition

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Are you finding out about the billing and substitution process in health insurance? No need to be worried. Understanding Health Insurance: A Guide to Billing and Reimbursement Seventeenth Edition, pdf, ebook, and free download by Michelle Green will guide you.

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Book Description

If you want to be a medical insurance agent, you must improve your skill to manage it. There are many things you should learn about that from this resource. This book provides you with some codes which will help to set the ICD-10-CM codes and complement the health care demands. In addition, you are concerned with significant topics like the manner in reimbursement and design in health care insurance.

The article also comprises particular points that can gain your knowledge about the concepts of management in insurance that will make you more cultivated. The most important part is you will be very happy that this publication is more regenerated than the previous one. It has something new that will inform you as regards the process of CQL. There are many tasks in each chapter that will be useful to gain your learning based on what you have studied from this book as well.

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About the Author

Michelle Green is a professor in the information technology of health at Mohawk Valley Community College, New York. She is also a member of APPC. During her career as a professor, she has got many appreciations from different instances. One of them is teacher of the year in Alfred State Colleges Alumni Association. For your information, Ms. Green has been certified as a procedural coder.

Who Should Read the Book?

Health insurance agent must have this book because there is deeper knowledge about some methods in reimbursement and billing. Or, if you wanted to be a coding specialist, you might get a lot of knowledge from reading this reference.

Book Description

Publisher : ‎ Cengage

Publication date : ‎ January 1st, 2022

Language : ‎ English

Print length ‏: ‎ 704 pages

Item weight : 3.35 pounds

Dimension : 6.0 x 1.25 x 9.0 inches

Price : $190 (paperback), $78.49 (e-Textbook)

Where to Buy the Book

You can get this book from Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble website. You will also be able to buy this book from its own publisher, Cengage. Another book shopping platform like Vital Source is the best place too for you.

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Book Format

You will be able to read this book in paperback version. You can read the e-Textbook version of Understanding Health Insurance: A Guide to Billing and Reimbursement 2022 edition if you want to get convenience by reading from your own gadget with cheaper price. It is all up to you.

You can get a digital version of this book for free. Please search the internet through a search engine. Type in a keyword and in no time all the information will be available.

There are always people who share information with others after they get the information.

In general, files that can be downloaded for free are PDF types made by the Adobe company. And it can be opened with various applications, not only acrobat reader.

There’s nothing wrong with downloading it if you find an access link. If not, then you have to buy it at an official bookstore near your home or campus.