Concept-Based Clinical Nursing Skills Fundamental to Advanced by Loren Stein

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Are you looking for a new way to learn a skill? Or do you want to learn how to solve problems and think conceptually? The answer lies in this Concept-Based Clinical Nursing Skills: Fundamental to Advanced 1st Edition, pdf, ebook and download by Loren Stein (Author), Connie J Hollen (Author) as it covers over 250 nursing skills in an innovative concept-based format with excellent illustrations, concise reasoning, and up-to-date evidence.

This book is unlike any other text, the authors combine an overarching framework of seven important concepts – accuracy, client-centered care, infection control, safety, communication, evaluation, and health care – to emphasize the importance of these key themes in performing skills. nursing.

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Each section balances a need-to-know narrative with step-by-step skills, and each chapter includes detailed case studies with concept maps to help you apply your knowledge and use clinical judgment in clinical situations involving nursing skills.

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Book Details

ISBN: 9780323625579

Copyright: 2021

Page Count: 904

Imprint: Elsevier

Table of Contents

UNIT I Fundamental Nursing Skills

Foundations of Safe Client Care

SECTION 1 Identifying a Client

Application of the Nursing Process

Critical Concepts: Identifying the Client

SKILL 1.1 Identifying a Client

SECTION 2 Preventing Infection

Chain of Infection

Preventing the Transmission of Infection

Application of the Nursing Process

Critical Concepts: Preventing Infection

SKILL 1.2 Performing Hand Hygiene With an AlcoholBased Agent

SKILL 1.3 Performing Hand Hygiene With Soap and Water

SKILL 1.4 Applying and Removing Clean Gloves

SKILL 1.5 Applying and Removing Personal Protective Equipment

SECTION 3 Moving Clients Safely

Benefits of Proper Client Positioning and Repositioning

Ergonomics and Body Mechanics


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